NAH Consulting Ltd is a specialised cyber and information security business providing consultancy and expert services to its clients.


We specialise in providing our clients with expert advice, consultancy and services covering the following cyber security areas:


Cyber security risk analysis and risk management

We can work with you to find the best way for you to understand what cyber security risks you are facing and if necessary help you work out what they are, prioritise them and advice you on the things you can do to deal with them. We have expertise in the cyber security risk management approaches used in both government and commercial sectors and aim to help you choose and use the approach that is right for you.


Cyber security technology and solutions

We can help you to determine the technical and non-technical solutions that you could put in place to help you manage the cyber security and information security risks that are really affecting your business. This advice will be pragmatic, in the context of what you are doing and what you care about. Our advice is intended to help you to make your existing business more secure from cyber security threats by taking the time to understand what you do, need and care about. So we will not simply advise you to apply the list of security controls recommended by a particular security standard or regulatory scheme.


Organisational approaches and attitudes to cyber security

We can help you to understand more about how effective your organisation’s approach to cyber security is and demonstrate it to your customers and partners. Our aim is to provide you with a view and rating of your organisation’s approach and attitude to cyber security based on the opinion of our experts. This expert opinion will be formed by the examination of information you provide to us and information we learn through our engagement with you.


This rating can then be used by you to inform any cyber security related business decisions you have to make and to provide your business partners and customers with confidence that your organisations approach and attitude to cyber security can be relied upon. This service is not intended to provide you with a compliance audit against a particular security standard, scheme or regulation and there is no bar to entry or prerequisites. Our experts will work with you to establish what you are doing today to protect your business and its customers from cyber security threats and provide you with a rating accordingly, this service is about providing you with an expert and honest view of your cyber security and not about compliance.


Cyber security decision making

Making sure that your business is as secure as it can be in cyber space means that you will need to make lots of decisions. For example:


  • Do I need to do a formal risk assessment or will the back of an envelope do?
  • Do I need to put in place a formal risk management regime?
  • Do I need to implement all the controls recommended by this or that standard?
  • What technology should I invest in and will it do me any good?
  • How much money should I invest in cyber security?
  • How do I work out if I am doing enough to be secure or if I am doing too much?


We recognise that answering these can be difficult and our experts can help you answer them by looking at what you do, how you are doing it and what you care about. Our advice will be based on our understanding of cyber security risk management and decision making approaches that work and those that don’t. We will recommend things you can do to make these types of decisions now and into the future that are in the context of your business and will not simply recommend that you follow a blueprint for security management that may not work for you.


Bespoke cyber security training for security decision makers and practitioners

To help you raise the cyber security bar within your business we can provide you with tailor made training and education packages aimed at those who are charged with making cyber security decisions and those charged with making it work on a day to day basis. Our training is provided by cyber security experts who have experience teaching cybersecurity practitioners and business leaders alike. Training packages are bespoke and material will reflect your actual business

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